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Why Progesterone Cream Doesn't Work.

Progesterone therapy is a widely used hormone replacement therapy that women have used for several decades. Progesterone, an essential hormone in both men and women, plays a vital role in the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, emotional balance, and overall well-being. Traditionally, bioidentical HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or progesterone hormone therapy is prescribed by a physician and made by a compounding pharmacy. However, the popularity of over-the-counter creams that are applied topically is growing in popularity. 

But there are some downsides to using creams for progesterone supplementation.

Understanding Progesterone & The Skin

The human skin, our body's largest organ, is meticulously designed as a barrier to protect us from harmful external substances. It is equipped with a stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis, which serves as a tough physical shield to prevent undesirable materials from entering the body. This includes a broad range of substances, from water, dirt, environmental toxins, oils, chemicals, pathogens, and almost everything, including desired topical applications. The skin is your first line of defense from the outside world. 

As a result, it's not designed to absorb most substances deliberately, including hormones like progesterone from topical creams. As a result, the absorption rate of progesterone formulations is often unpredictable and inconsistent, leading to inconsistent results and the potential for imbalances, or no response at all. In contrast, Simply Progesterone, a molecular progesterone serum, bypasses these barriers more effectively, providing a more reliable and effective means of delivering OTC progesterone hormone therapy to the body. 

Why Progesterone Creams Fail - Progesterone Creams and the Superiority of Molecular Progesterone Serum

The primary difference between molecular progesterone serum and progesterone creams is their delivery mechanism. Progesterone creams are a cream base with finely ground progesterone crystals added to it with no attempt to dissolve the crystals, leaving you with larger particles of progesterone that are not easily available for absorption. Since only individual progesterone molecules can pass through the skin, larger particles accumulate on the surface, obstructing the skin's pores. 

The Problem with Cream Bases - Their Negative Impact On Progesterone Absorption

Cream bases that are used to make progesterone creams often contain heavy ingredients like emulsifying agents, waxes, heavy oils, and other substances to provide a smooth application and pleasant texture. In addition, they must contain preservatives and other unwanted chemicals to remain stable and not spoil. These ingredients can further complicate the absorption process. The thick nature of the cream forms an additional layer on the skin, potentially inhibiting the progesterone from penetrating the skin efficiently. This effect results in lower net absorption of progesterone into the bloodstream and can therefore decrease the overall effectiveness of the treatment. 

On the other hand, our molecular progesterone serum, Simply Progesterone, suspends submicroscopic molecules of progesterone in a base of foods your skin needs. This increases the predictability and consistency of the progesterone's effects, maximizing the benefits of progesterone supplementation. This is why molecular progesterone serum outshines progesterone creams regarding effectiveness and reliability, frequently yielding better results at lower doses. 

Delivering Progesterone by Feeding the Body What It Wants

Simply ProgesteroneOne of the key indicators of the efficacy of molecular progesterone serum is its physical appearance. Simply Progesterone is a molecular solution with a thick consistency and an amber appearance. This is because we have developed a saturated solution of progesterone that contains the maximum concentration of progesterone. We use a high percentage of very expensive, ultra-purified, non-GMO, organic, mixed tocopherols to achieve this. Unlike creams, this serum is food for the skin, and it elicits a different response compared to a cream. 

Natural vitamin E, in the form of mixed tocopherols, has the remarkable ability to stimulate deep layers below the stratum corneum and trigger regenerative processes. This natural attraction prompts the body to absorb the vitamin alongside progesterone, deep into the sublayers of the skin, harnessing their combined benefits and allowing the progesterone to enter circulation. 

When applied to the skin, our Simply Progesterone molecular serum emanates a rich, luxurious feel that is incomparable to any other product on the market. Its thick and smooth texture glides effortlessly across the skin surface, instantly delivering a sense of lavish pampering. The serum's luscious, velvety consistency epitomizes luxury and ensures optimum skin contact for maximum absorption of progesterone. This unique combination of a high-potency formulation in a sumptuous, velveteen serum culminates in a superior sensory experience while providing the utmost in hormonal support. 

Potency And Value

Simply Progesterone's superior formula is not only incredibly effective but also offers great value. Each milliliter of our serum provides a substantial 100 mg of progesterone, while each drop delivers 3 mg of progesterone, ensuring a potent dose with every application. When combined with the serum's superior absorption capabilities, this high concentration of progesterone translates to a more cost-effective solution. Each drop you apply is optimally utilized, with a larger proportion of progesterone getting absorbed into your body, leading to enhanced effectiveness and reduced wastage. Thus, Simply Progesterone is not just a powerful option for progesterone supplementation, but also a cost-effective choice for your progesterone supplementation needs.

Aug 10th 2023 Dr. Peter Kassner, NMD

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