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Free Domestic Shipping on orders $85 or more


International Shipping

Note: FedEx delivers to most international destinations in 1-3 weeks.

We guarantee that international orders will be delivered within 10-weeks of shipment. We will replace lost or destroyed packages free of charge. Exceptions apply.

Common problems and solutions.

Most delays are out of our control and are the responsibility of FedEx. You can visit and enter the tracking number we sent you to track your order. Select shipment history to see the details of your shipment.

Here are the most common problems and solutions.

Failure to pay import taxes.

The shipping charges you paid during checkout do not include any import taxes your country may require.

If taxes are due, FedEx will contact you by mail, email, or phone to notify you of how much is due and how to pay.

Health Natura is not responsible for additional taxes. If you refuse a package due to not wanting to pay taxes or a package is returned due to a failure to pay taxes we will not refund shipping fees.


Pay your import taxes.

Refuse the shipment and request that it be "returned to sender." 

Packages returned to us due to being refused, will receive a refund the value of the product. Shipping is not refundable.


Incorrect Address / Address Errors

If there is an issue with your address, you will find the following note in the tracking history.

Date - Local Time
FedEx Distribution Center address and the two letter country code. (FR = France)
Note: Operational Delay Incorrect Address


Contact the FedEx distribution center where the package is located and give them the correct address. Note: We can not do this for you.

You can find your FedEx office by doing a google search with the information provided in the FedEx tracking history.

Do nothing: FedEx may eventually return the shipment to us as undeliverable. This can take a long time. If it is returned to us, tracking will indicate the return and we can refund you for the value of the product being returned. Shipping is not refundable.


Additional information.

We are not responsible for address errors that prevent or delay the delivery of your order.

We will not reship or refund orders that remain unclaimed at a local distribution center.

We will use the notes provided by FedEx tracking to determine if an address is deliverable.

We will use FedEx tracking to determine if an undelivered package is eligible for a refund.

Delays in excess of 10-weeks that are caused by incorrect address or failure to pay import taxes are excluded from our 10-week delivery guarantee.