Affiliate FAQ

This page will grow as you ask questions. When you email us with a question we've already answered you may be referred to this page for additional explanation. 


Q: Does my commission subtract from the value of my customer's 5% off coupon?
A: No. The customer's coupon will always be for the percentage off of their subtotal.

Q: Do coupons and other discounts affect my commissions?
A: Yes. The commissionable value of the sale is calculated on the subtotal of the sale. Coupons, Promotional Pricing, Sales, Volume discounts, Reduced Prices etc. are deducted before the subtotal.

Q: Do My Coupons Expire?
A: Only if you change the code. Otherwise the code never expires. 

Q: How many times can a customer use my coupon?
A: Affiliate coupons can be used an unlimited number of times. If you want to stop a coupon from working, you must change it in your dashboard.

Q: Do I have to use coupons?
A: No. Coupons are only one of several tool in you have available to grow your referrals. Remember, we must have some form of link that tells us that the customer came from you. Coupons are an easy way to make that happen.

Q: Why don't I earn a commission on the total sale?
A: The only items not included in the subtotal you get credit for is shipping, handling and sales tax. We already loose money on shipping and handling expenses. Increasing prices on shipping to cover a commission wouldn't be fair to the customer.