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Affiliate FAQ

This page will grow as you ask questions. You may be referred to this page when you email us with a question we've already answered.

Q: What is the purpose of your affiliate program?
A: We aim to reward individuals who wish to share our products by paying a 20% commission on every sale they refer. Our mission is to share amazing products and help motivated individuals build a sustainable source of income.

Q: Can I use your affiliate program to get a discount for my personal use?
A: No. Our affiliate program is not a discount program. Affiliates can earn performance-based discounts.

Q: Are there limits on how I can promote your products?
A: Yes. There are several prohibited practices. Please see our Affiliate Operating Agreement.

Q: Can I promote my coupon on coupon sites?
A: No. Coupon sites are expressly prohibited. Any affiliate whose coupon code is found on a coupon site will have their code immediately suspended and their account placed under review.

Q: Do affiliates receive discounts?
A: YES! You may be eligible for a personal discount if you have gross sales of $10,000 or more within one calendar year.

Q: Can I resell products that I purchase with my discount?
A: No. Affiliates who wish to buy and sell our products for a profit must apply for a wholesale account. Affiliate accounts suspected of violating this policy may face suspension.

Q: Can I use my affiliate coupon?
A: After your account is approved, you can use your 20% off coupon once.

Q: Do I earn commissions on my purchases?
A: No. Circumventing this policy may result in the termination of your affiliate account. Our affiliate program is intended for those who wish to earn an income. Please do not exploit our program to gain a personal discount without our permission. We have generous performance-based discounts for our legitimate affiliates.

Q: Can I have multiple affiliate accounts?
A: No. Multiple accounts that ultimately benefit the same individual violate our operating policies. For example, you can't have an account under your business name and a second account under your personal name.

Q: Can I sign up without submitting a tax form?
A: To be accepted, you must log into your provisional affiliate account and submit your W9 (domestic) or W8 (international) immediately after registering.

Q: Does my commission subtract from the value of my customer's 20% off coupon?
A: No. The customer's coupon will always be for the percentage off of their subtotal.

Q: Do coupons and other discounts affect my commissions?
A: Yes. The commissionable value of the sale is calculated on the subtotal of the sale. Coupons, Promotional Pricing, Sales, Volume discounts, Reduced Prices, etc., are deducted before the subtotal. Your commission is calculated on the subtotal.

Q: Do My Coupons Expire?
A: Only if you change the code. Otherwise, the code never expires.

Q: How many times can a customer use my coupon?
A: One use per customer.

Q: Do I have to use coupons?
A: No. Coupons are only one of several tools you have available to grow your referrals. Remember, we must have some form of link that tells us the customer came from you, and coupons are an easy way to make that happen.

Q: Why don't I earn a commission on the total sale?
A: Shipping, handling, and sales tax are the only items not included in your commission. Increasing shipping prices to cover a commission wouldn't be fair to the customer.