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Ethical Sourcing

Striving for quality & equality in sourcing our materials.

Growing up, my parents taught me a fundamental truth "Never look at what you think a person is. Their merits as a person and their conduct are far more important than your opinions and preconceptions of who they might be." At Health Natura, we strive to make that part of our core beliefs when sourcing the materials for our products.

For us, there's more to a quality product than the test results or where it comes from. During our product searches, we intentionally set aside our preconceptions of country of origin, race, gender, creed, culture, politics or personal identity and do our best to not let them dictate our sourcing decisions. Beyond the product itself, we look for environmental impact and pollution controls, their reputation in general, third party site inspections, injury rates, safety complaints, employee exploitation, child labor, the rigor of their procedures and cleanliness, product recall records, fair trade practices for their raw materials, and more. 

The biggest misconception we encounter in this business is the idea that country of origin is an indication of quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good people striving to do good work abound everywhere. They just want to be treated fairly in the conduct of good business. 

Quality products are about people, and great products come from people who take pride in their work, value the products they make, care about the environment and treat their employees fairly. Those are the kinds of companies we seek out and build relationships with. We believe that it shows in our products. We hope that by doing our small part, a better, more inclusive, more peaceful, more environmentally friendly future can be built for everyone on this small planet we call Earth.