Vitamin K2

True K2The only truly pure, vegan, bio-identical vitamin K2 in the world that is open to the public.Your new and only home for unadulterated vitamin K2 oil is finally here!Your only source for undiluted K2-Mk4I'm proud to announce that is now offering the highest purity TRULY bio-identical vitamin K2 oil as Mk4 on the market today. This vegan, ultra clean, high purity K2 is an Mk4 dominant fraction type K2 in an oil base and is the only form that is the real thing. True K2 is the highest purity, natural source, bio-identical (98% pure TRANS-state isomer) vitamin K2 available on the market anywhere. ANYWHERE.It took me 4 years of research, searching and rejected samples that didn't pass testing to find this beautiful vitamin K2. I thought finding a K2 (Mk4) product would be simple to source, but I was astounded at the shear volume of low quality vitamin K2 (Mk4) on the market to the point I'm convinced this is a systemic problem. Testing fees for vitamin K2 run me $1000+ each time I test a sample and I went through a lot of them to find you this gem of a product. Even at my prices it's going to take me years to recoup the initial search investment I have made. The prices you see here may seem expensive but by comparison to the other "junk" on the market I'm ultra cheap. I should be charging three times these prices. This is the highest value, most difficult to find, product I have ever offered in 21 years. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cheers!True K2 is available in various formulations and also as undiluted full strength raw material. is the only company to offer undiluted full strength vitamin K2 as Mk4 at small affordable volumes. If you see this product elsewhere it probably came from me. We are the ONLY company offering 10mg strength vitamin K2 products at an affordable price as well. Twenty milligrams is the most cited dose in bone density studies and is the dose most commonly associated with the best results according to the studies I have seen over the years. Big box companies will put 3-7 cents of low quality K2 in a bottle and mark it up through the roof 2000% and more then take their diluted down (small microgram doses) all while touting the results of these high dose studies. Why drink a bottle to get an effective dose when you can take a few drops.