Affiliate Pay Policies

Affiliate Payments

This document outlines how we determine when affiliate earnings are eligable and when we issue those payments. The complete document, including images on how you can track sales in your account can be found under the marketing tab of your affiliate portal. 

There are multiple variables that determine when and how much you will be paid.

When is payday?

Payday is the first business day of each month. We pay eligible earnings on the first business day of each month. We are closed on all US holidays and observed holidays.

What is an eligible earning?

An Eligable earning is a commission that has met the following criteria.

  • Be at least 90 days old.
  • AND.
  • The total adds up to a minimum of $75.

Balances that meet these criteria on the first business day of the month will be paid. If your balance is less than $75, we will hold your earnings till your eligable balance meets or exceeds the $75 minimum. 

For new affiliates, your first potential payday is 90 days after your commission balance is a minimum of $75 and has no returns deducted against it by payday.

Affiliates with inconsistent monthly volume will have difficulty knowing when or how much their commission will be. Once you have been paid, your running balance is adjusted and will not be paid again until the payable balance on payday is at least $75.

Payments Tab

The payments tab summarizes your basic totals.

Amount Paid - underlined in Red.
This section shows the total amount you have been paid since joining.

Amount Pending - underlined in Green.
Unfortunately, this calculator is very unreliable as a marker of how much you will be paid. It's a live calculation of the total qualifying for payment at the moment you are viewing the report. This potential balance is adjusted continuously until the first of the month as new earnings become eligable and are added and returns are deducted.

Due in 90 Days - underlined in Purple.
Currently under the 90-day waiting period. This is also adjusted continuously until payday as returns are made, and mature commissions are moved to total pending. 

Last Payment - underlined in Orange.
This section shows the date of your last payment.

Minimum Payout - Red Arrow.
Shows the minimum amount that must show in Amount Pending to be eligible for payment on the first of the month.

Details - Green Arrow.
Shows your payment history.












Estimating a Payday - When & How Much.

The Current Payday

We do not know how much you will be paid until the day we issue payment because commission calculations are updated in real-time. The final value of your payment is not set until we send payment.

Will I have a payday this month?

The consistency of your payments depends entirely on your monthly volume. 

  • Affiliates with low volume or inconsistent sales will not likely be paid every month. If your accumulated payable commissions are under $75 on payday, we will roll it over each month until it totals at least $75. If you would like a forcast of your next potential payday please email us at for an estimate.
  • Mature and high-volume affiliates who have developed consistent volume over $75 will be paid the first business day of each month.


Why 90 Days & Why Returns Count Against Your Earnings.

We allow customers to return products for 90 days. Unlike traditional advertising or pay-per-click advertising, our affiliate program is a form of profit sharing where we pay you a percentage of the order value generated by your referrals. If a customer receives a refund, your commission is adjusted based on the refund amount. The holding period between the sale and when the commission is payable lets us ensure your commission balance doesn’t become negative.

From an affiliate's perspective, this may not seem fair; unfortunately, it is a retail reality. People change their minds or want their money back for various reasons. Even after you have done your part to attract customers and we have done ours to finalize and the order people can change their minds and leave our combined businesses at a financial loss. Fortunately, our refund rate is very low.

Why A Minimum Payable Balance of $75?

One major benefit of our program is that we do not charge our affiliates payment transaction fees. Transferring money from our account to yours costs money, and the smaller the transfer value, the more expensive it is for us to process payments. We can afford to pay you a high commission and not charge you a money transfer fee by reducing our payment processing expenses. We’ve attempted to balance paying you your earnings and controlling transaction costs by setting the minimum payable balance at a relatively low $75.