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Methylene Blue 400mcg Ready to Use Solution 1oz

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Methylene Blue Tincture - 400 mcg per drop.

Made with care since 2012. Why Us? We've been a leading supplier long before the recent surge in popularity and fly by night brands all over the internet. 

Known Customs Restrictions *: Canada.
Due to the nature of this product, some countries may consider it regulated or prohibited from importation. Please see our policies. * This is not a comprehensive list; we will post updates as we become aware of them.

Product Specifications

Drops per bottle: 470.

Yield per drop: 400 mcg (micrograms) or 0.4 mg (milligrams)
Yield per 1 ml - 6.25 mg.

Solution Concentration: 0.63%

See bottom of page for formulary and molarity chart.

Purity Is Our Top Priority:

We spare no expense to ensure the absolute purest methylene blue on the market today. To detect any unexpected contaminants, we perform broad spectrum screening using FIRSA (far infrared spectrographic analysis), with qualitative and quantitative analysis before and after production. 
The finished product must meet the minimum requirements below before we will release it for sale. Contact us if you would like a copy of the most recent COA.


Acceptable Range (Results determined by high sensitivity FIRSA).


Limit in ppb (1)(2) Typical Result in ppb

Solvents other than organic alcohol.

 NSS (3)  2-5 
Pesticides & Herbicides  NSS  0-1 
Total Other Contaminants, fillers, plasticizers, etc.  NSS  0
Cadmium  5   0-1 
Lead  5   0-1 
Inorganic arsenic  15   0-2 
Inorganic mercury  30   0-1 
Iridium  100  0-10
Osmium  100  0
Palladium  100  0
Platinum  100  0-10
Rhodium  100  0
Ruthenium  100  0
Chromium  11000  10-30
Molybdenum  3000  0
Nickel  200  0-3
Vanadium  100  0
Copper  3000  0-12
Total metals excluding the above.  NSS 500-700
Microbiology  No Growth Pass

1. Limit based on USP/FDA specifications for oral drugs.
2. Parts Per Billion.
3. NSS (No Specified Standard).
4. Zero (0) is Below Level of Quantifiable Detection or ≤700 parts per trillion.


 How we got started with methylene blue

In 2011, our customers requested that I apply my distinctive collection of skills in naturopathy, TCM, chemistry, physics, and compounding to this frequently contaminated and biologically unique chemical. MethyleneBlu'  (formally Simply Methylene Blue) was born a year later and has grown in demand ever since. 

This ready to use solution is all you need to meet and exceed all of your research and laboratory needs. 

Simply Methylene Blue is made from the highest purity raw material on the market, analytical/chromatography standard. This level of purity is typically used to calibrate analytical equipment because it is highly refined and contaminant free. While this product exceeds all USP purity standards, it is not a nutritional supplement, and we cannot promote it for over-the-counter human consumption.

Ingredients: Methylene blue 400 mcg per drop, water, alcohol (from sugar cane).

Buyer's guide for methylene blue - Read time: 2-min.

What does Pharmaceutical Grade mean? 

First, the term "pharmaceutical grade" used outside the pharmaceutical industry is a ploy to make consumers think a product is better than others on the market or of the highest quality. If a product is not a pharmaceutical or is not a starting material for a drug, it is not pharmaceutical grade.

Anyone selling methylene blue that claims their product is "pharmaceutical grade" is misrepresenting their product. Which begs the question, what else are they hiding and misrepresenting?

MethyleneBlu' exceeds purity standards set by USP, meets cGMP manufacturing standards for sanitary and quality controls, and exceeds the purity standards required by the FDA for the production of pharmaceutical methylene blue. 

MethyleneBlu' is a highly pure methylene blue suitable for biomedical research, testing, equipment calibration, and other laboratory or research sensitive to contamination or other biologically incompatible ingredients. 

FDA Regulations That We Must Comply With.

There is a reason that we've been selling methylene blue longer than any other wellness company. We follow FDA Regulations. Asking us for any of the information in the list below is asking us to break the law and will cause the FDA to reclassify our product as a drug and force us to take it off the market.

  • Methylene Blue is not a nutritional supplement, and as the supplier, we are prohibited by the FDA from being an educational resource.
  • We cannot tell you how to use it in any way. 
  • We cannot promote its use in humans or animals, nor are we allowed to discuss its use on a practical or theoretical level.
  • We are prohibited from giving advice on human consumption of methylene blue, including dosage, consumption, application for any human condition, medical applications, its suitability for further compounding, or any other application.
  • MethyleneBlu' (Our Brand) is not a drug; it is not a pharmaceutical requiring a prescription. We do not advertise or promote it as a suitable replacement for any prescribed medication.
  • We cannot label or claim that this product is pharmaceutical grade because the FDA has only approved one source of prescription methylene blue to receive this designation. Making that claim would give the FDA reason to shut us down.


What else should I consider before purchasing methylene blue?

How long has the company has been making methylene blue? When it comes to methylene blue, experience is a big deal. A company could be in business for decades and only have a few weeks or months of experience with methylene blue. Sourcing pure methylene blue is not easy and has many complications unique to methylene blue.

Not all methylene blue is equal. The chemical everyone calls methylene blue is a wide range of products that vary in production quality, preparation, and composition. The real secret behind methylene blue and its use in biomedical research is it's a massive group of chemical preparations, all with different purities and intended applications. The biological implications of selecting the wrong material can significantly impact the results of your biomedical research. Because methylene blue is not approved for human consumption, there are no cGMP requirements, no sanitary or purity standards. 

We have been making ultra-pure, biomedical compatible methylene blue since 2012. We test every incoming batch of material with an infrared spectrograph to detect any foreign contaminants. We reject all batches that contain mercury or any other unexpected or unidentified spikes on the spectrographic results. After it passes this stage, we enter into our proprietary purification process to remove common contaminants such as arsenic, lead, copper, and zinc.

Is the company willing to publish or disclose a COA for their product? 

You can find the results of our typical COA above. Additionally, you may request a COA for any lot number for any batch we have produced since we started selling methylene blue.

If a company is not willing to offer this information freely, do not buy their product.

What does USP mean, and is it an important designation for methylene blue? 

USP is now considered a minimum quality standard in the industry. Additionally, USP is not a food-grade designation. The United States Pharmacopeia is a catalog of substances that are either drugs, are part of the drug production process, were once considered drugs, are considered food additives, or have been added to increase USP's income base. 

A USP certification only means that the substance has met USP's testing standards at least once in the last 12 months and has paid the USP organization their annual fee to use the USP designation. USP relies on companies to submit test results, does not require independent test results, and USP does not do any independent verification of the presented results.

What is Methylene Blue? 

Known as a heterocyclic aromatic chemical compound, with a chemical formula of C16H18ClN3S and a molar mass of 319.85 g/mol. It appears as a solid, odorless, dark green powder when held at room temperature. However, when mixed with water, the green powder dissolves and yields a characteristic blue solution that is extensively used in medicine and medical research.

Care and Storage:
Use within 1 year of opening.
After opening, keep tightly sealed and store at room temperature in a dry location away from light.
Do not refrigerate after opening; doing so will increase the potential for contamination and spoil this product. This product may be refrigerated if the original manufacturer's seal has not been broken.


Formulary & Conversions


Product Type: Solution
Active Ingredient CAS Number: 7220-79-3
Active Ingredient: Methylene Blue Trihydrate (Synonyms: C.I. Basic Blue 9 trihydrate)
Grade: USP *
Ingredients: Methylene Blue 400mcg per drop, water, alcohol.
Appearance: Iridescent blue-black liquid
Storage: Room temperature, away from light.
Chemical Formula: C16 H18 ClN3 S*3H2O
Solid Molecular Weight: 373.9 g/mol


Solution Concentration & Conversions:
Micrograms per drop: 400
Concentration: 0.63%
Grams per Milliliter: 0.0063
Milligrams per Milliliter: 6.3
Micrograms per Milliliter: 6,300
Molarity: 0.01684942
Millimolars: 16.84942
Micromollars: 16,849.42

* USP is not a universal designation for food grade or pharmaceutical grade. Many non-food substances are certified by USP.



Known Customs Restrictions Exist For This Product. We caution you against shipping this product to Canada.
Countries outside the US may consider this product a regulated substance and may reject or destroy it on arrival. Please see our policies on rejected international shipments for additional details.

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Additional Information

For Methylene Blue
Q: How much MB can I take?:
A: Because MB is not a nutritional supplement, we are prohibited from advising on the human applications of MB.
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18 Reviews

  • 4

    new to this...

    Posted by David Clark on Mar 17th 2019

    I just started using MB, so I can't say too much other than no noticeable bad or good effects yet. Everything else is fine.

  • 5

    Great products

    Posted by Achillea on Dec 9th 2018

    We are very pleased with the quality of the E, K2, D3 and pregnenalone but ever since the delivery has been from Amazon the prices have gone up and the delivery time has become very slow.

  • 5

    Great for nasal congestion and improved sleep

    Posted by Steven Smith on Nov 8th 2018

    Since methylene blue inhibits excess NO production, it is able to vaso-constrict the blood vessels in the sinuses and nasal pathways, leading to less nasal congestion. When I notice nasal congestion, I rub a couple drops of MB on my skin about 1 hr before bed. This helps me have clear sinuses so I can sleep well. Otherwise it also works as a non-stimulant cognitive enhancer during the day when I need to give presentations but don't want any of the jitters. All around great product!

  • 5

    Satisfied with Simply Methylene Blue 400mcg Ready

    Posted by kerry clancy on Oct 19th 2018

    This pharmaceutical grade product is pure and effective. After more than a month of taking the drops, the product has proven itself to be a reliable homeopathic remedy.

  • 5

    Customer review

    Posted by Amir Shoshan on Oct 10th 2018

    Review body is empty

  • 5

    Customer review

    Posted by DN on Sep 5th 2018

    Great product!!!

  • 5

    First Order with Health Natura!

    Posted by Terss on Sep 2nd 2018

    It was backordered for quite a while but when It came in stock and I finally was able to order it, the process was simple. It shipped quickly and I had my product within a week! I am very pleased with the Simply Methylene Blue which my Holistic Healer has recommended for me. I had not used it before but am looking forward to many health benefits! So far so good.

  • 1

    Methylene Blue 400mcg

    Posted by Teresa Trybel on Jul 19th 2018

    I ordered a shipment of the 400 mcg bottles and some of them that I received were 100 mcg bottles. I was charged for all 400 mcg bottles.

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