Custom Formulation & Production Services

Custom Formulation & Production ServicesHealth Natura, llc is a specialty lab focused on high purity products. Nearly all the products you see on this site are formulated and packed in our lab under strict quality controls. We are best suited to serving small to medium sized businesses who want to differentiate themselves from the competition with their own label and unique product line. Some of the categories we offer services in include.Private labeling.R&D product development - whether you have the exact specifications you want or need some guidance in designing an effective formulation we can help. Dr Kassner's 20 years of experience can guide you through the process.Materials resourcing - we have an international network of suppliers to help us find high quality materials for your formulations. From common products to rare and hard to find items.Production & packaging - our facilities are designed for short and medium runs ranging from as few as 20 units up to 2000 units.Product types we offer.Herbal tinctures.Liquid vitamins, oil and water based.Powder blends, vitamin and herbal.Liposomal formulations.Feel free to contact us at

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