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Best Practices to Prevent Customs Rejection

Following best practices when importing goods from the United States is crucial to avoid customs rejection, disappointment, and added expenses. 

In addition to this blog post, please check out our other pages on International Shipping RestrictionsTerms of ServiceDelivery Insurance, and each product page for warnings about known issues. 

We're Not Eport Experts 

Here at Health Natura, we do our best to compile reports about returns and damage on a daily basis to decipher what customs is doing to our customer's orders. When deemed appropriate, we will publish notes on product pages, post notes and updates on our International Shipping Restrictions page, and adjust our international shipping policies to match the ever-changing environment of international customs logistics.

Use an Expert - Use a Parcel Forwarding Company

My top recommendation is to use a parcel forwarding company specific to your destination. These companies provide a unique US shipping address (often for free) that you can use as your US shipping address. They handle all the intricate details of importing to ensure your goods reach their final destination hassle-free.

Keep it Personal

It's also important to limit orders to a three-month supply or less. If you order more than your country's database says is a reasonable supply for personal use, they will assume you intend to resell or distribute. Many countries require a broker or permit for larger quantities, so sticking to a typical personal use amount can help avoid issues.

Avoid Large Orders

Avoid large orders altogether, as packages containing large quantities of supplements tend to be scrutinized more by customs agents.

Small orders are especially important for products like hormones or supplements with hormone references. With varying regulations across different countries, customs systems scan for potentially banned or regulated products and flag them for inspection.

Be cautious ordering hormone and hormone-related supplements.

Regulations vary widely between countries when ordering products that contain hormones or are related to hormones. Some countries will reject a supplement if the labeling or ingredients even hint at altering, supporting, or regulating hormones.

All or Nothing

Remember, customs agents often follow an "all or nothing" "if in doubt" rule—they may reject an entire shipment rather than remove a single offending item or, if they suspect a potential problem, reject it as a precaution.

Enforcement Can Change Overnight

Regulations can change unexpectedly, so it's crucial to stay informed and at the very least keep up with our posts before each order.

By following these best practices, you can help prevent the frustration and delays of customs rejection when importing goods from Health Natura.

May 9th 2024 Dr. Peter Kassner, NMD

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