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Why Choose Our Pregnenolone?

Not All Bioidentical Pregnenolone is Created Equal.

Naturally Processed - Industry Leading - Tested Quality Since 2000

 We've been researching bioidentical pregnenolone for over 23 years. We know the dirty secrets and hidden gems of the pregnenolone industry inside and out. Who uses the latest science, is environmentally friendly, has high quality and standards, and WHO still uses toxic chemicals and polluting production methods.  

Natural vs. Chemical Processing

Natural BioTransformation - Our pregnenolone supplier utilizes an environmentally friendly process called biotransformation. Biotransformation uses whole, non-GMO, wild yam tuber and transforms the active components directly into bio-identical pregnenolone. This cutting-edge pregnenolone biotechnology uses a series of special non-GMO micro-organisms to produce the world's cleanest pregnenolone leaving behind only compostable or recyclable waste. The finished pregnenolone is washed from the residual plant fiber using organic alcohol, dried, and ground into a micronized powder. The only remaining residue in the pregnenolone is a slight percentage of healthy waxy plant esters. Our purity ranges from 99.3 to 99.7 percent pure.

Chemical Processing -  Most companies use synthetic chemicals to derive 99.9% pure pregnenolone "from wild yam." There is nothing natural about the process, and none of the environmentally toxic chemicals leftover can be reused and must be disposed of. The first production step uses a series of acids, microwave radiation, and caustic soda to extract the active starting compound diosgenin from wild yam. They then use a technique called Marker Degradation which uses a series of chemical treatments using acetic anhydride, chromic acid, acetic acid, and caustic soda to turn the diosgenin into pregnenolone. Multiple steps are then used to strip the pregnenolone of these dangerous chemicals before being crystalized and ground into a micronized powder. 

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