Pandemic Worker Safety Policies Are Causing Most Delays.
In addition to record volume, worker safety policies instituted by carriers, customs and governments have slowed transit times world wide. Until the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved we can not guarantee normal delivery times.


  • DHL Standard International: 4-14 business days.*
  • FedEx: 1-20 business days depending on service level selected.*
  • USPS: 2-10 weeks.*

* Customs delays are now common, please be patient.

Guaranteed delivery or your money back.
If you don't receive your international order within 10 weeks of shipment we will refund your money.

Check Your Country Here.
A number of international destinations have declared a national state of emergency and their postal systems have enacted a policy of force majeure which means they have SUSPENDED NORMAL OPERATIONS and instituted altered delivery times and services due to an Act of God.

In this advisory you will learn about the following.

  • Recommended Actions.
  • Significant Delays Out of Our Control.
  • What to Expect.
  • Services Impacted.
  • Countries Impacted.
  • Tracking Problems.
  • What We Are Doing to Help.

If your shipment hasn't arrived in the expected time we are very sorry for the delay, but the carrier situation is out of our hands. We are actively monitoring the situation and will keep this page updated as we learn more about this rapidly evolving problem. Please be aware that we are not receiving advance notification of changes from USPS or FedEx. We will keep this page updated as we learn more about the global situation. 

Recommended Actions.
If at all possible please use DHL International or FedEx International. USPS is the least reliable international option.

Shipping Delays for USPS.
COVID-19 is severely impacting international transit times for all carriers. On April 30th, 2020 we were notified by USPS that all international packages, including air and express will now be shipped by sea transport. AT A MINIMUM this will add 2-6 weeks of additional transit time depending on weather and destination. These delays are in addition to LOCAL DELAYS in your country's postal system. Please check the current status of your country's postal system here.

What to Expect.
When tracking stops for a long period of time, it is probably at sea or in customs, this can take up to a month depending on the destination. 

Services Impacted.
All carriers are impacted. 

Countries Impacted.
All destinations outside the US as well as inside the US have been impacted to some degree.
Check the official US Postal Service website for official updates on your country. 
See this page for customer reported delays.

Tracking Problems.
All carriers are experiencing severe problems with their tracking systems Especially For International Services. International tracking has become very inconsistent with many packages losing tracking once they leave the US. This does not mean that your package is lost.

What We Are Doing to Help.
Unfortunately there is not much we can do once an order has shipped. If you have not received your package within 10 weeks of shipment, contact us and we will replace or refund the order.