Terms of Service for Purchases

Terms of Service for Shipping, Lost Packages, Returns, Damage Claims and International Policies.All packages are shipped with a tracking number and delivery confirmation. Health Natura, llc and the shipper are not responsible for loss after the shipper provides delivery confirmation. If you are concerned about potential misplacement of your package after delivery please add signature confirmation service.Free Shipping! Follow this link.Damage claims & Lost packagesWe pack all products appropriately to survive typical shipping conditions intact. If there is damaged, broken or leaking product upon arrival with typical shipping wear & tear of the shipping container we will work with you to replace it at our expense as soon as possible. Please contact us at 205-758-3373 or email at CustomerService@HealthNatura.com.If the outer package arrives severely damaged please report it to us and the carrier immediately. If the problem is determined to be no fault of our own but that of the carrier we will undertake an insurance claim on your behalf and will replace your damaged goods at no cost to you. *LOSS Claim Note: All LOSS claims for shipments sent via the USPS or consolidator - If the claim is for a lost package, we must wait 20 calendar days (for Domestic shipments) or 40 calendar days (for International shipments) before filing claim.*DAMAGE Claim Note: All packaging material and damaged goods must be kept in the original form as received. The packaging and item(s) shipped must not be sent back to the shipper until a claim is complete.* Reimbursement will depend on the insurers findings.International Terms of ServiceYou are responsible for determining if it is legal to import the products you have ordered. Products confiscated, destroyed or not returned to us in resaleable condition will not be refunded. Once we provide shipment confirmation and a tracking number you agree and are obligated to pay for the entire balance of your purchase regardless of delivery or non-delivery. Products rejected by customs that are returned to us in resaleable condition will be refunded less shipping fees. Insurance does not cover loss resulting from customs issues.For your convenience only, we keep a list here of reported import problems with countries that have rejected our products and which products were rejected. This list is not complete and Health Natura, llc does not guarantee in any way that this list is accurate or that this information will guarantee product entry into your country. Most countries do not inspect every package, just because an order makes it through once does not guarantee future orders will. You are responsible for your country's import rules and regulations and any changes in these regulations. This list is historical in nature and does not reflect any changes that may occur. The absence of a country from this list only means we have no reported problems or have not shipped there. Upon occasion we get requests to relabel products as calcium supplement to avoid attracting attention and potential problems. We don't encourage fraud as it is not unusual for packages pulled for close inspection to have bags of powder tested. If the label and contents don't match this may cause legal charges if the content is a prohibited substance.Australia - We ship here regularly without any reported problems.Brazil - We had a package misdirected there. Once it went through customs and returned to us the pregnenolone was missing. We have no further information or order intentionally sent to this country.Belgium - We have reports that it's illegal for individuals to import hormones and that pregnenolone is considered a hormone. We have also had a number of successful shipments as well. Canada - We ship to Canada on a regular basis, the only customs problem we have had thus far is with Pregnenolone sizes 100 grams and larger. We have been told that pregnenolone is a prescription item in this country. Denmark - We have one report that pregnenolone was confiscated from the order. No reason was cited.Germany - Shipments to Germany have no guarantee of delivery or insurance reimbursement due to German import laws pertaining to vitamins and hormones. Per the terms of this agreement you are obligated to pay for the full balance of your order regardless of delivery. We have reports of successful deliveries on a regular basis. As far as we know Germany considers all supplements to be functional medicines and will be rejected or confiscated if caught. As of 12/17/2015 we received a rejected package containing Pregnenolone (cut open), Cascara and Whole E. The enclosed letter cited that all three were considered functional medicines and prohibited for import. We will still ship to Germany but you should be aware of the risks. Packages returned usually have the contents destroyed (bags cut through and bottles opened or emptied.)Slovenia - We have been told that progesterone and DHEA are considered prescription items and are prohibited from import. It isn't clear if this applies to pregnenolone or other products we sell. ReturnsPackages marked "return to sender" or "refused" will not be refunded. Please see Return Policies for complete information on returns.

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