Cascara Sagrada powder 1kg

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1kg size now available. - Thanks to your overwhelming support for this product we have been able to secure new volume pricing and cut our price in half! This particular cascara took me two years and 50 rejected samples to find. It had to pass my discerning quality requirements for smell, taste, farming, harvesting and aging practices. I hope you find it as wonderful as I do.To avoid shipping delays: Order this product separately from other items.I originally started carrying this upon the request of several Ray Peat protocol users. We went through several sources and finally settled on this one based on their positive feedback. Cascara Sagrada is known for its natural digestive regularity benefits. Properly aged Cascara is much less harsh than other Cascara products. Cascara sagrada is never to be used fresh and must be aged for at least a year to break down its anthrone chemicals. (The Cascara offered by Health Natura is aged) If the bark is not aged, it is a purgative and will cause intense intestinal spasms and vomiting. The herb can be chemically processed or heating but some useful constituents may be lost and the end product is harsher than naturally aged Cascara. In recent times, it has been used as an ingredient in sun screen products, as well as a flavoring agent in foods such as candy, frozen dairy desserts, and baked goods.